What you will learn with this eBook

  • Itinerary planning

    The core of every roadtrip is a list of places you want to see. Find out tips on how to not miss anything when looking for places and/or where to get new ideas.

  • Required visas

    Since I am not American, I devoted two chapters to visa requirements and how to manage the U. S. inbound flights. Very useful if you have never been to the United States!

  • Rental cars

    Very brief ideas on how to get rental car, what rental cars are good to sleep in and our own story how I got rental car even though I was under 25 then.

  • Driving in the United States

    Again, one whole chapter for the foreigners, so you can prepare for the differences in driving habbits when compared to European driving.

  • Sleeping in the car

    We slept in the car often and saved thousands of dollars on hotels. Ideas on where to park overnight, how to stay safe or what cars are the best to sleep in.

  • Things to buy

    Tips for little gadgets that help making road trips much easier! And how to get rid of them on eBay before leaving the country, if you are foreigner.

  • How to stay clean

    Since we slept in the car even for a week in the row, we had to find out how to stay clean. Good thing is - it can be done, so there is lots of ideas on that.

  • General tips

    The last chapter is whole bunch of general tips that didn't fit anywhere else. You know, how to entertain yourself in the car or list of great iPhone apps for road trips.

Watch highlights from the roadtrip this ebook is based on:

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A word from the Author

In July 2013, me and my sister went on a road trip along the West Cost of the United States. As a foreign visitors, little did we know about everything. Like how to drive on the American roads, where are we going to sleep for cheap, or where would we take showers since we slept in the car most of the days.

But we have figured it out on the fly and decided to share the wisdoms, as we have met lots of out-of-the-country travelers along the way having the same struggles.

Although this book is useful especially to foreigners, I believe some ideas can be generally used anywhere in the world if you decide to go on a month or so long road trip. Many of the ideas I write about came also from people who saw my roadtrip video on YouTube, so I believe it's as useful as it can be.

And our trip ended up great! Over 6000 miles, two rental cars, eight states, 15000+ pictures, 1000+ video clips... and lifetime of memories.

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